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A Voice for Choice Advocacy advocates for informed choice and medical rights. We are hoping to introduce one more more bills which #GetToxinsOut and support Vaccine Choice. Christina will continue to spend time in Sacramento lobbying for A Voice for Choice Advocacy with no pay, but in this critical time we have hired two lobbyists to be our boots on the ground every day in the Capital. They are expensive but we feel well worth their weight in gold. So please donate so we can make a difference for you and your families in California.

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If you have cryptocurrency you would like to donate, you can to A Voice for Choice through, which processes cryptocurrency donations for non profits

Donate your used vehicle in a hassle free way, while getting a tax deductible receipt for your donation. Just go to

Purchase books, DVDs and more at A Voice for Choice Advocacy - great gifts to awaken during the holiday season. A donation is made to A Voice for Choice Advocacy for ever item you purchase.

If you have stock you would like to donate, you can do so through Stock Donator, which processes stock donations for non profits. A Voice for Choice will receive your donation and you will not have to pay capital gains tax on your donation

Support us on Amazon all Season long. Go to and search “A Voice For Choice Inc Mountain View” (Note: there are a number of similarly named organizations so be sure to select the correct one). We will receive 0.5% of each eligible purchase. One key thing to remember is that you have to order on, which is the same as Amazon, but just ensures donations. If you order on the regular site, even if you are signed up, we will not benefit.

Most large corporations have some kind of matching program when their employees donate or even volunteer time to a non-profit organization. This means that, if you or someone in your family, works for one of these corporations, and donates to A Voice for Choice, we will get a matching donation from the corporation. We are on most corporate matching lists (and if not can easily be added). Please talk to your HR department to find out if they will match donations. If you make a donation to A Voice for Choice (or have done in the past year) and work for a corporation that matches funds, please be sure to let them know that you have donated and request the funds to be matched. Here is a small sample of what different corporations match