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College Vaccine Choice

Another organization, No College Mandates created a list of Colleges and Universities with mandate status at hundreds of UC Colleges:

With the passing of SB277, the University of California also changed their vaccine policy in 2016, with the only exemption allowed to matriculate being a medical exemption, and in 2020 added a flu vaccine requirement.
In 2019, California State University also changed their vaccine policy, removing the religious exemption which had been available since 2002.

Most other universities/colleges currently still also have a religious or personal belief exemption.  If you are not able to find a university/college exemption please email and we can help you find the policy.

California State University

In April 2019 the CSU system changed their vaccination exemption policy to leave only a medical exemption through an executive order: California State University Vaccine Exemptions 2019 Revised Executive Order 803

Prior to this California State University had an executive order stating that a religious exemption to vaccines was available since 2002.

California State University Vaccine Exemptions 2002 Executive Order 803

University of California

In 2020, the University of California is requiring all students, faculty and staff living, learning, or working at any UC location to get the flu vaccine before November 1, 2020
Flu Vaccine Executive Order
UC has issued two Flu Vaccine requirement FAQs – one for students and one for employees.
The new University of California Vaccination Policy went into effect with the 2018-19 school year.
University of California Vaccination Policy
University of California Medical Exemption form
UCs will take titer antibody serum testing in lieu of vaccinations with just the lab report. The thresholds have to be on the lab report showing that the titers are above the acceptable level. No need for a medical exemption for titers at UCs.

A Voice for Choice Advocacy has voiced our concern both in person to the UC Board of Regents, as well as in writing.

AVFC Letter of Concern – UC Immunization Policy

As have others:

Background information on UC Vaccination Policy

UC Immunization Policy FAQs 72216

UC plans to require vaccinations for incoming students Fall 2017

UC Immunization Plan August 26 2016 Presentation

California Immunization Coalition Archived Presentations