Action Alert: Thousands of postcards flood the Governor's desk - Keep Calling and Emailing!!

1000s of VETO Postcards Flood the Governor's Desk!
4 bills continue to Governor's desk so
Contact him TODAY! 


September 12, 2022 Update: THANK YOU to everyone who participated in A Voice for Choice Advocacy's postcard campaign.  It was a HUGE success!  Over the past two weeks, nearly 6,000 individualized postcards were mailed from concerned parents, teachers, doctors, undocumented immigrants and citizens living all over California, to Governor Newsom requesting him to veto 4 key bills (SB 1479, AB 1797, AB 2098, SB 1419) that will undermine health and privacy rights if signed (If you are in touch with media outlets, feel free to share our press release on this with them:


While SB 866 and most of the other bills introduced by the Legislative Vaccine Work Group failed, 4 bills still remain.  Most have been significantly amended and watered down since their introduction in February.  However, A Voice for Choice Advocacy, who has been one of the key organizations opposing these bills, still feels these bills all have dire unintended consequences, and must be vetoed by the Governor.

Even though AVFCA's postcard campaign has come to an end, please continue to contact the Governor via phone or his Contact Page.  (See below for details)

There is some confusion and incorrect information being put out as to the timing and the process once a bill has passed both houses and heads to the Governor's desk.  Chris Micheli, a lobbyist with Aprea & Micheli, gives a thorough summary of the CA Governor's signing/veto timing and process (  In summary:

When a bill is passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor, he can take three actions: (1) sign the bill into law; (2) veto the bill; or (3) allow the bill to become law without a signature (“pocket signature”).

If a bill was presented to the Governor prior to August 20th 2022, the Governor had 12 days in which to act on it. Any bills presented on or after August 20th  2022, must be signed or vetoed by him by September 30th 2022 or they become a statute without his signature.  The clock starts running from when a bill has been “presented” to the Governor, NOT on the day that the bill passed the Senate or Assembly, nor when the bill is ordered to engrossing and enrolling.


Therefore the Governor has until September 30th to sign or veto each of the 4 remaining “Bad” bills.  SB 1479 and SB 1419 HAVE been presented to the Governor and so he can sign those any day between now and September 30th.  AB 1797 and AB 2098 have NOT yet been presented to the Governor.  They will be in the next few days and once they are then he can take action on them until September 30th.


While A Voice for Choice Advocacy's Legislative team and lobbyists reach out to the Governor's office, Governor Newsom also needs to hear from you. So this week, even if you have sent a postcard, please call and contact Governor Newsom.   Reminder: Be professional and to the point when calling or contacting the Governor or his staff.  You want him on our side to VETO these bills.  Being rude or obnoxious has the opposite effect.





Call Governor Newsom's office or leave a message (916) 445-2841

Sample Script: "I am a CA resident.  I am calling to ask the you to VETO
AB 1797, Assembly Weber’s Immunization Registry bill,
AB 2098, Assembly Member Low’s COVID misinformation/disinformation bill,
SB 1479, Senator Pan's School COVID testing bill

And SB 1419, Senator Becker’s medical privacy bill.”



Go to - enter your contact information and scroll down on the list to the bill number and submit a comment.  Repeat for each of the 4 bills (SB 1479, AB 1797, AB 2098, SB 1419)


Bill Summary and Key Talking Points


SB 1479 COVID-19 testing in schools: COVID-19 testing plans (Pan) – Testing programs for teachers, staff, and pupils:
SB 1479 will require each school district, county office of education, and charter school to create a COVID-19 testing plan that is consistent with guidance from CDPH or adopt CDPH’s framework. As currently written, SB 1479 is not in line with the most recently published CDC guidelines for schools. SB 1479 is unnecessary and with the amendments does nothing that CA public schools don’t already do.  Even LAUSD, which tested every child weekly last school year, gave up on COVID testing due to the shifting virus and huge expense.  Why create more busy work for schools when they should be focusing their attention and funds on teaching and the education of California’s children?


AB 1797 Immunization registry (Weber) - Modernize California’s Immunization Registry
AB 1797 would require all vaccines - past (as feasibly possible), present and future - to be entered into the CA Immunization Registry (CAIR), causing huge privacy issues for those who do not want their personal medical information in a government database.  Unlike consumer databases, government databases are not covered by the CCPA and so there is no way for private consumers, nor undocumented immigrants, to opt out.  California is pushing to be the sanctuary state for health rights – abortion, transgender treatment, etc – but is forcing those who want medical privacy to get themselves and their children vaccinated out of state so there is no way their personal information will be hacked or leaked.  Does CA really want to create this double standard by putting AB 1797 into law?


AB 2098 Physicians and Surgeons: Unprofessional Conduct (Low) – MD/DO Misinformation: (
Designates the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or “COVID-19,” as unprofessional conduct.  The CA Medical Board already has the ability to discipline doctors for causing harm to patients, under 27 different Business & Profession Codes, including 651, 2234, 2261, and 2262. This bill is duplicative and unnecessary. AB 2098 defines “”Misinformation” as false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.”  With the ever mutating variants, changing vaccine efficacy and influx of treatments, how can there be “contemporary scientific consensus” or “standard of care” for COVID?  Physicians and Surgeons are going to be stifled in their practice, and innovation and medical advancements will be all but dead when it comes to COVID-19 science in California.  Does California really want to lose more doctors to other states where they can practice without the threat of a witch hunt?


SB 1419 Health Information (Becker) – Prohibits representatives of minors, age 12 years and older, from inspecting minors’ patient records that relate to sensitive medical services:
SB 1419, among other things, prohibits the representative of a minor from inspecting the minor’s patient record when the records relate to certain services, including medical care related to the prevention or treatment of pregnancy, as specified.  This bill would force California parents to endure the unnecessary burden/cost of litigation in an attempt to subpoena/obtain their child’s medical records.  Is California really willing to stop parents from being involved, in times of emergency or death, potentially causing delayed medical care, prolonged adverse events, or worse?



Please share this email with friends and family, as well as on social media so as many people as possible contact the Governor




Together we can make change happen!


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