Master Clock Circadian Rhythm: What Happens When Your Body Is "Off Time?"

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AVFC Circadian Rhythm

  “I have few absolutes in my routine, but one of them is this: I honor my circadian rhythm. The pleasure I get from consistently sleeping well trumps anything that would disrupt it.”   ~ Mark Sisson, American fitness author, food blogger, and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor   By Jennifer Wolff-Gillispie HWP, LC   Before the invention of electricity, most people rose with the sun each morning to go about their Read More »

SB 277 Religious Exemption Lawsuit Announcement

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Long Awaited Lawsuit Filed to return Religious Rights over Vaccines to CA Schools! Support AVFCA's Legal Team with a Generous Donation TODAY!   December 22, 2023: A Voice for Choice Advocacy’s lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of three plaintiffs claiming the unconstitutionality of California's School Vaccine Exemption laws.  While California currently allows medical exemptions, as well as exemptions for students on Individualized Education Programs (IEP), in 2015 SB 277 (Pan) removed the ability for parents to Read More »

Californian Restaurateur Standing Strong After Pushing Back Against COVID-19 Constraints

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AVFC Chef Andrew Gruel

  “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   ~ George Orwell, English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic   By Rick Rydell   Andrew Gruel is a man known for his ironies.   There’s his last name, for starters. “Gruel” has long been a staple of peasants, a bland, tasteless mash of grains that keeps people alive but does little else. Funny then, that Gruel the man, grew up to Read More »

AVFCA Religious Exemption Writing Workshop Online

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AVFCA Religious Exemption Writing Workshop Now Available Online Is your Employer, College or School Mandating the COVID or booster vaccine? Do you have sincerely held religious beliefs against vaccination? Are you struggling with how to convey your beliefs to your employer/college?   Thousands of people have participated in the Religious Exemption writing workshops put on by A Voice for Choice Advocacy over the past year.  We have completed 70+ workshops, with hundreds attending each.  Demand Read More »

California K-12 student and staff COVID Vaccine Mandate

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Governor Gavin Newsom announced California will be the first state in the nation to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for K-12 students and staff to attend school in-person A Voice for Choice Advocacy has warned this was inevitable, given Governor Newsom was not recalled.  For K-12 staff, religious and medical exemption must be allowed per Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  For K-12 students a personal belief exemption and a medical exemption must be Read More »

Sacramento Rally: California's Last Stand - Potential Employee Vaccine bill (AB1102) still alive and awful!

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(Please share this email with friends and family in California) The potential bill (AB1102) allowing employers to require Emergency Use Authorized Vaccines is still alive!  Come to Sacramento September 8th, share the petition and get people to vote Yes on the Recall (details below) A Voice for Choice Advocacy received the updates to Assembly member Low's potential bill (AB1102) late last week.  It would  amend the current state discrimination statute (Section 12940 of the Government Code) by specifying that Read More »

Action Alert: Give Public Comment for CCUSD School Board Meeting re Student COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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Culver City Unified School District to require COVID Vaccination. Must Email before 3pm to give Public Comment Today, Tuesday August 24 at 5pm     You must email the School Board before 3pm today if you wish to give Public Comment Please email publiccommentsccusd@ccusd.org before 3pm and say you want to give public comment at Agenda Item 1.2 on Agenda Item 3.2 Zoom link to join the CCUSD Board Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85128048385?pwd=c3BsL21RVTg2V1J5Nm9NQ09nZjJydz09   Action Alert:  Give public comment during Read More »