You made a difference! But have you talked to your Senator yet?

Posted in News on February 10, 2022

phone lines

  -On Tuesday, A Voice for Choice Advocacy, and a number of other organizations, posted an action alert to call the CA Senate Rules Committee to ask that SB 871 (COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Daycare/School) and SB 866 (Immunization Minor Consent) be referred to multiple committees The committee was inundated with calls, which caused even their voicemail to fill up and not accept any more messages!   The Senate Rules Committee met yesterday at 1:30 Read More »

Watch: CA Health Rights Organizations share how to prepare for the Legislative Session

Posted in News on February 7, 2022

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- Last week, A Voice for Choice Advocacy, California Health Coalition Advocacy, Educate Advocate, PERK (Protection of Educational Rights of Kids), and CA Freedom Keepers presented information about the history of medical mandates, how to lobby and build relationships with your representatives, school boards, and board of supervisors, and be prepared for the legislative season ahead. If you missed it, you can watch the recording now:     These are the time stamps for different Read More »

California will ban the use of toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’

Posted in News on February 3, 2022

‘Get Toxins Out’ - Legislative update   - CA will soon begin the process of banning the use of toxic PFAS, aka, “forever chemicals” in to-go containers, paper straws, and food wrappers, thanks to AB1200, which passed in Oct. of 2021.   The bill, authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), will also require manufacturers to label cookware that contains toxic chemicals on product handles or coatings, starting Jan. 1, 2024.   Beginning Jan. 1, Read More »

At what point does COVID-19 become 'endemic?'

Posted in News on January 13, 2022

at what point is covid endemic

Omicron variant could push disease into endemic status after spreading through population    - We, as a collective, are suffering from “Pandemic burnout.” We are weary and looking for hope on the horizon. Is the end near? And what exactly is the end point for COVID-19? While talks of reaching “herd immunity” have been re-ignited thanks to the less-deadly and highly contagious Omicron variant sweeping quickly through large portions of the population, many disease experts Read More »