SB277 School Misinterpretation Information

Attention California Parents! Tell us your SB277 Story!

SB277 is being implemented in so many different ways.  Brian Witzer’s is a CA lawyer and this letter gives his interpretation of the potential impact of SB277 on schools: Brian Witzer SB277 Attorney Op Ed


We are looking to create a compilation of experiences that schools are not fully understanding or consistently implementing SB277.


If you feel your child’s school or a potential future school for your child has misinterpreted SB277, resulting in your child being turned away or being discriminated against or being affected in some other way, please describe what happened in as much detail as possible.  Please be sure to include the name and type of school, the school district (if public), the (approximate) date of when the misinformation happened, the grade your child was entering, as well as a detailed description of the event.


    If you have any documentation, such as letters or emails from schools, please upload them here.
    Do you give A Voice for Choice permission to share this information with school boards, legislators, etc.? Yes, with my name includedYes, but anonymouslyNo, I just want to share it with you

    If you feel more comfortable emailing your story, please email it to

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