Tru47 Pure Silver Mask – Cup (Adult)


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FIT: 5" H X 8" W

99.99% pure ionically bathed, silver-plated rip stock nylon (not nanotechnology coated)
Silver is a scientifically proven antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal agent
Highly breathable, but more dense that the mesh Masks
Reusable and long lasting.
Washing is optional (bacteria cannot grow on silver).  If desired can wash in warm/cool water with mild soap (no fabric softener or bleach); air dries quickly
Eco-friendly and economical (compared to disposable, reduce waste and kinder to our Earth and landfills)
Comfortable elastic bands with adjustable/moldable nose-bridge for secure fit

Disclaimer: TRU47 masks are not N95, medical or surgical coverings. Furthermore, they are not CDC approved to protect against COVID-19 virus.