Neglect Report – Medical Negligence

A Voice for Choice Advocacy gets hundreds of emails each year from patients and family members whose doctors have been negligent, have not fulfilled their oath to do no harm, don’t believe their patients, writing off their concerns as mental health issues, and/or have denied them medical care among other things.  While AVFCA cannot submit a complaint on your behalf, the state specific resources below will Empower You to file a complaint against a doctor who has been negligent. 

If any of the follow criteria apply to you or a family member or if your doctor has neglected your care in any other way, please file a complaint with your State Medical Board, against that doctor:

– Failure to give informed consent for a medical treatment, which includes the risks, the benefits and the alternatives
– Inappropriate harassment or dismissal from practice
– Denied medical care
– Delay or cancellation of procedures due to non-vaccination/non-masking/non-testing
– Denied complementary or alternative treatments
– Refusal to write a legitimate medical exemption for vaccination, masking or any other legitimate medical reason
– Failure/Refusal to file a VAERS report and/or chart adverse vaccine reactions
– Failure to give a Vaccine Information Statement or EUA summary prior to vaccination
– Giving false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the COVID-19 virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines
–  Failure to acknowledge medical symptoms, possibly blaming mental health imbalances
– Falsification of medical records
– Refusal to allow a family member to remain with the patient

Click your state below to file a medical negligence complaint to your state’s Medical Board. 

A Voice for Choice Advocacy joined forces with Building Bridges in Children’s Health (BBCH) to create an information sheet on the Required Precautions in Medical Abuse or Neglect Reporting: Legal Standards & Medical Ethics, to help parents and doctors navigate coercion of medical procedures or treatments.

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