Why the Boosted Have a Higher Risk for COVID-19

Posted in Vaccinations on December 9, 2022

AVFCA Boosters & COVID-19

SUMMARY: Despite the incessant mantra of “safe and effective,” those who have received the most COVID-19 vaccines are proving to be at higher risk of contracting the very disease they are trying to avoid, than people who have said no to the same shots. But why? And given the implications of this, why are mandates still in existence?   By Rick Rydell   These days, your neighborhood pharmacy is good for far more than mere Read More »

Monitoring Vaccine Safety: How to Report Injuries and Adverse Reactions

Posted in Vaccinations on October 6, 2022

AVFCA VAERS Vaccine Injury

SUMMARY: Is vaccination safe, and if not… is it worth the risk to offset the illness you’re trying to avoid? Does getting vaccinated provide relief from fear and anxiety that feel too hard to live with? Or are you a “hard NO!”—never, no way, not a chance; not for me? These questions only you can answer for yourself, and rightly so. The research can be hard to untangle, and knowing who to trust… overwhelming. Increasing Read More »