Hidden Glyphosate in Your Food: Part Two - Impact on Human Health

Posted in Glyphosate on June 1, 2023

AVFCA Glyphosate

“On May 3, 2023 the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food approved changes to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulatory guidance that, along with similar changes permitted by the Minister of Health in May of 2022, allow product developers to assess the safety of their own genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) seeds and foods without government oversight.”   By Megan Silcott   In “Hidden Glyphosate in Your Food: Part One - How to Determine What's Read More »

Hidden Glyphosate in Your Food: Part One - How to Determine What's Safe For Consumption

Posted in Glyphosate on March 2, 2023

AVFC Glyphosate

EDITOR'S SUMMARY: Making sense of the use of glyphosate in our food supply is not an easy task. The prevalence of man-made chemicals in our food, water, cosmetic, and household products is widespread and insidious. The links between contact to harmful chemicals—internally and externally—and unwanted health conditions have been made. We start here with part one of our glyphosate investigation; in part two we’ll explore workplace exposure, as well as specific health conditions connected to Read More »