Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): The FDA’s Newest Health Food

Posted in Food-Health on October 12, 2023


  EDITOR’S SUMMARY: For years, you’ve sought out Chinese food restaurants that don’t use MSG because you heard it was bad for your health. Whatever was in that mysterious “chemical” wasn’t as important as simply staying away from it. But what if this substance was lurking in places you didn’t know, and making its way into your body without your consent? And now the FDA says … go for it—it might not be that bad Read More »

Plant Toxins: How These Antinutrients May Be Injuring You

Posted in Food-Health on September 14, 2023

AVFC Plant Toxins

  EDITOR’S SUMMARY: Smart nutrition includes letting go of doctrine-thinking. The decades-old ideas you’ve clung to may be applicable now, or conversely, may not be worthy of your commitment any longer. Are you open to discoveries in the field of health which may include researchers shining new light on old beliefs? In the case of eating plants and their babies (seeds), of the 435,000 unique land plant species, some are of more concern than others. Read More »

Farmed-Raised vs. Wild Salmon: Exploring Health Benefits and Risks of Toxicity

Posted in Food-Health on May 4, 2023

AVFCA Farmed Salmon

EDITOR'S SUMMARY: Good fats (saturated), bad fats (hydrogenated), good carbs (organic berries), bad carbs (refined sugar), good protein (organic, pastured eggs), bad protein (meats cured w/ nitrites and antibiotics). Granted you may not agree, and it might not be so black and white; it’s a non-exhaustive, short list for sure. The point is that with most types of foods there is a spectrum of particulars to consider. Such is the case with salmon: farm-raised and Read More »

Impact on Your Health: The Disconnection Between “Fruits and Veggies” and the Nutrients They Contain

Posted in Food-Health on April 27, 2023

AVFCA health rights

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”    – Ann Wigmore, Lithuanian–American holistic health practitioner, naturopath, and raw food advocate   By Carter Trent   According to the World Bank, the disconnect between nutrition and agriculture lies in the fact that the latter is a key "driver of economic growth in countries." From “Nutrition and Agriculture: Bridging the Gap:   "We Read More »

“Apeel” Fruit and Vegetable Protective Coating Is Not So Appealing When You Break It Down

Posted in Food-Health on April 24, 2023


EDITOR'S SUMMARY: New fruit and veggie sticker alert—“Apeel”—“protective coating.” What exactly is this product protecting? And if it’s not your health, what price are you willing to pay to foster the longevity of your apples and lemons? This might seem like a stretch, but in a culture that demonizes aging, and celebrates turning back time, compartmentalizing aspects of your body and face, and insisting you look “great,” i.e. “young” forever—it’s no wonder your fruits and Read More »

The Lowdown on Salt: An Introduction From “Beginner’s Mind”

Posted in Food-Health on February 16, 2023


EDITOR'S SUMMARY: Do you need to break-up with salt, or can this tongue-tantalizing substance be a “friend with benefits?” Does “everything in moderation” include these white granules, with its red flag warnings about hypertension and heart attacks? It turns out quantity matters, and of equal importance are type and quality. Perhaps with a few simple tweaks, your long-term love affair can continue.   By Carter Trent   Salt has received a bad rap for contributing Read More »

The Sweetness of Foods: Manufacturers Make It Their Business To Keep You Addicted

Posted in Food-Health on December 15, 2022

AVFCA Sweetness of Foods

SUMMARY: December 2022; Christmas is approaching. As is New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and leftover pies, cakes, and candies to follow. It wouldn’t be a big deal during holiday time if you threw caution to the wind and ate whatever you damn well pleased. The sugar would make an appearance, have its impact for better or worse, and off you’d go happily into 2023. Rather, the insidious issue we’re here to address is when Read More »

Fake Meat: Exposing the Fallacy of Food-like Products

Posted in Food-Health on November 17, 2022

AVFCA Fake Meat

SUMMARY: Marketing can be “tricky” business, especially when the intention is self-interest, and based solely on profits as the bottom line. We were duped in the 1950s with the false notion that consuming fats was a bad idea for heart health. This led us into refined-carbohydrate overload, and contributed to monstrous numbers of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Though we’ve made strides in uncovering the truth, today we’re faced with a next-level conundrum—being Read More »

“Natural Flavors” May Entice You To Buy, but What Do the Flavorists Know That You Don’t?

Posted in Food-Health on September 22, 2022

AVFCA Natural Flavors

SUMMARY: Marketing is what’s found on the front of food packages. “Pure,” natural, wholesome, ancient, “healthy,” low-carb, low-sugar, doctor-approved, and yes, even “organic.” “Big Food” is counting on YOU to be a surface-level consumer; trusting what you read on the front of bags and boxes, and buying more. Prove them wrong by becoming a very good investigator. Turn the package over; read the list of ingredients, and research anything you don’t understand before purchasing.   Read More »