2022 Bills

Action Alert: Thousands of postcards flood the Governor's desk - Keep Calling and Emailing!!

Posted in 2022 Bills, Action Alert on September 11, 2022

1000s of VETO Postcards Flood the Governor's Desk! 4 bills continue to Governor's desk so Contact him TODAY!    September 12, 2022 Update: THANK YOU to everyone who participated in A Voice for Choice Advocacy's postcard campaign.  It was a HUGE success!  Over the past two weeks, nearly 6,000 individualized postcards were mailed from concerned parents, teachers, doctors, undocumented immigrants and citizens living all over California, to Governor Newsom requesting him to veto 4 key bills Read More »

Update: SB866 is DEAD! 4 Bad Bills head to the Governor's desk!

Posted in 2022 Bills, Action Alert on August 31, 2022

SB 866 is DEAD! The CA Legislative Vaccine Work group is a Failure! 4 bills continue to Governor's desk so Send him a postcard!  August 31, 2022 Update:  On the last day of the legislative session, A Voice for Choice Advocacy is thrilled to share with you that SB 866, Senator Wiener's bill that would have allowed minors to consent to vaccines, is DEAD!  Earlier today he put out a statement saying that he did Read More »

Action Alert: 5 "Bad" Bills are on the floor - Call your Senator and Assembly Member this week!

Posted in 2022 Bills, Action Alert on August 19, 2022

The next 2 weeks are critical Call your Senator and Assembly Member this week! Take action TODAY - AVFCA has made it easy to call! August 16, 2022 Update: Last week both the Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees voted on which bills pass out of the Suspense File.  To recap: Bills that meet a certain fiscal threshold ($50,000 or more from the general fund or $150,000 or more from a special fund) are automatically referred Read More »

Update: 2022 CA Legislation - Where do we stand?

Posted in 2022 Bills on April 24, 2022

4 BAD Bills on Hold 1 BAD Bill Amended 5 BAD Bills to Go! Bill Summary and Action To Take....   Below A Voice for Choice Advocacy gives you a detailed description of all the bills we are Opposing and Supporting, and the Action we need you to take this week.  If you wish to share this information, please share this link: https://avoiceforchoiceadvocacy.org/2022-ca-legislation/ ✘ 2022 CA BAD Bills ✘ A Voice for Choice Advocacy is Actively Opposing the Read More »

Update: AB 1797 (CA Immunization Registry) Hearing Postponed

Posted in 2022 Bills on April 21, 2022

  AB 1797 Assembly Health Committee was postponed to next week due to technical difficulties Keep emailing legislators on the Committee asking them to Oppose AB 1797! AB 1797 Immunization registry, introduced by Asm Akilah Weber would add race/ethnicity to the information recorded in the CA Immunization Registry, would require all vaccines to be entered into the CA Immunization Registry (CAIR).  Schools and other entities would have access to all vaccine records, rather than just those Read More »

Update: ON HOLD SB 1464 (Law Enforcement Public Health Bill)!!

Posted in 2022 Bills on April 21, 2022

SB 1464 is ON HOLD!! While A Voice for Choice Advocacy did not take a position on SB 1464, Stand Up California was opposed, and we wanted to share the good news.  This afternoon, Senator Richard Pan put SB 1464, which would have required law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders or not recieve public health funding ON HOLD.  This was due to the overwhelming opposition from law enforcement groups throughout the state.  You can read the opposition Read More »