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A Voice for Choice Advocacy is working on a project that has the potential to bring the State of California to justice over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates!  AVFCA can't share the details at this time, due to confidentiality, but is has the potential to be BIG, and AVFCA will as soon as we can!  However, to be successful AVFCA needs to hear from you if you live in California and fall into any of the following groups.  Please select all that apply:

    Despite your objections, you  or your child were coerced to being injected with a COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep your job, attend school/college, remain enlisted in the military, and/or access certain public/health benefits YesNo

    You or your child have thus far resisted being injected with any form of COVID-19 vaccine, and desire to remain unvaccinated, but have felt continuously mounting societal pressures and/or other circumstances (such as restrictions to travel, education, etc.) that would be detrimental to you should you remain unvaccinated YesNo

    You have been injected with some form of COVID-19 vaccine and have had an significant adverse reaction(s) beyond initial fatigue, arm soreness and fever YesNo

    You are a parent of a minor child under the age of twelve (12) who does not want your child to receive any form of COVID-19 vaccine, but have felt pressured to in order to allow your child to participate in school/activities YesNo

    You have had a religious exemption accepted for work and have a child who will be entering Kindergarten or 7th grade in September 2023, who is unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, who had a personal belief or medical exemption, or has been homeschooled, until now YesNo

    In a few sentences explain your experience/background related to what you answered "Yes" to above?

    If you are completing this on behalf of your child, are both parents in agreement with the decision that was made?
    Yes both parents agreeNo both parents don't agreeNot applicable
    If No, please explain

    Your full name:

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    What county do you reside in?

    A Voice for Choice Advocacy will follow up with you within 48 hours.

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