AVFCA Governor Postcard Campaign

Governor Newsom needs to hear from the people of California personally asking him to VETO the 5 “Bad” bills if they make it to his desk.


A Voice for Choice Advocacy’s goal is to mail out over 10,000 postcards to Governor Newsom early next week so they land on his desk the same time as the bills. Complete the form below and A Voice for Choice Advocacy will send your postcard(s) to Governor Newsom this week, at no cost to you!


Please type your message to Governor Newsom below, as you would like it to appear on the postcard.  Your message should be brief and polite asking Governor Newsom to Veto SB 866, SB 1479, SB 1419, AB 1797 and AB 2098, giving the reasons why and the impact it would have on you and your family if he signed them. (maximum 450 characters)


You may either submit one bill per postcard or multiple bills on one postcard.



    Sample Text:
    VETO SB-1419: Forces parents to litigate to obtain their child’s medical records in times of emergency or death.
    VETO SB-1479: Unnecessary - is not in alignment with current CDC COVID guidelines, and creates more work and expenses for schools.
    VETO AB-1797: No way for private consumers, nor undocumented immigrants, to opt out and keep their medical records private.
    VETO AB-2098: Duplicative - CA Medical Board already has the ability to discipline doctors for causing harm to patients.

    450 characters left

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    Make it personal (e.g. a picture of your child, or one they have drawn, or of your hometown). If you do not upload an image we will choose one for you.

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    Note: Only your name, city and state will be included on the postcard. A Voice for Choice Advocacy takes your privacy extremely seriously, requesting your email address, mailing address and phone number so we can keep you updated on bills, our advocacy efforts and how you can participate. This information is kept on our secure servers and is NOT shared or sold to anyone EVER.

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