Action Alert: 2022 Bills relating to CA Medical Board

Three bills will effect how Physicians and Surgeons in CA
are overseen by the Medical Board


Take Action:  1) Make an appointment TODAY to meet with your CA Senator AND Assembly member today to discuss AB 2098, SB 920 and SB 2060
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- Not sure how to set up a meeting and build a trusted relationship with your legislators, watch this webinar:
- Not sure what to say: Talking points are below for you to take to use for your State legislator meeting


2) Share this information with physicians and surgeons in California who will be directly affected by these bills:


Background: A Voice for Choice Advocacy has sounded the warning for the past few months that at least five BAD vaccine related bills being considered for the 2022 legislative session.  Another one of those, AB 2098 has been introduced, by Assembly Member Low and co-authored by Senators Pan and Wiener and Assembly Members Aguiar-Curry, Weber, and Wicks.  Two other related bills were also introduced - one bad, SB 920 by Senator Hurtado and one good, AB 2060 by Assembly member Quirk.


AB 2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct (Low): Would designate the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or “COVID-19,” by a physician or surgeon as unprofessional conduct, allowing the Medical Board to take action against such physician or surgeon.  Board will base their consideration on “applicable standard of care” and “contemporary scientific consensus” neither of which currently exist for COVID-19.  This will create a witch hunt for doctors and will drive more experienced doctors out of CA. (


SB 920 Medical Board of California: investigations: record requests (Hurtado): Would authorize a Medical board investigator and a medical consultant, at the discretion of the board, to inspect the business location and records of a physician or surgeon, including patient and client records, without patient’s consent.  Also allows complainants the opportunity to provide a statement to be considered after final adjudication for purposes of setting generally applicable policies and standards.  This is a serious breach of privacy and goes against HIPAA.  It also does not go far enough and does not give a voice to complainants, which is missing from the entire Medical Board complaint process. (


AB 2060 Medical Board of CA (Quirk) AVFCA Analysis: AB 2060 would Increase the number of public members of the California Medical Board from 7 to 8.  The CA Medical Board is there to protect consumers.  By adding more public members it is less dominated by people in the professions they regulate. (


Over the past 7 years, A Voice for Choice Advocacy has established itself as the leading legislative organization lobbying in the California Capitol for your health rights.  While A Voice for Choice Advocacy's lobbying activity in the Capitol is important, your positive constituent relationships with your CA State Senator and Assembly Member and their staff are critical to assisting with A Voice for Choice Advocacy's efforts in the Capitol.


Take Action Today!  Together we can make a difference!

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