A Voice for Choice Advocacy Board Member Profiles:

ChristinaChristina Hildebrand is the founder and President of A Voice for Choice, Inc. and A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc. She is a market researcher with a degree in Statistics and modeling. Christina owns a Market Research firm which conducts research for many Silicon Valley companies. She also owns a Weston A Price based food delivery service in the San Francisco Bay area. Over the past 10 years she has conducted over 10,000 hours of research on vaccines, including consulting with many leading vaccine researchers, in a quest to understand the reality rather than the hype of vaccines. Christina had the idea for A Voice for Choice quite a few years ago, but did not have the time to start it, given her two other businesses. However, in 2015, in response to SB277 (the school vaccine mandate law in California), Christina felt that she needed to put the non-profit onto paper and founded A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc. This allowed the non-profit to hire a lobbyist in Sacramento, with whom Christina spent every Monday-Wednesday during the legislative session with lobbying against SB277 and SB792 (the child care employee vaccine mandate bill). Christina continues to lobby and create legislative relationships in Sacramento. She also coordinates with the A Voice for Choice team to determine what educative events and projects will be supported.

ShrieeShriee Srinivas has over 15 years of global and multicultural experience in working with children and their families. She has been privileged to be a part of a few leading and esteemed organizations such as VOICES, United Nations, UNESCO, London School of Speech, and many Montessori schools in Northern and Southern California. She has a plethora of global educational and professional experiences in child psychology, early childhood education, Montessori education, and work involved in non-profit organizations. She has a dual bachelors degree in communications, and psychology, an AMI primary Montessori diploma from Montessori Teachers Training Center in Northern California, leadership and mentoring training from Foothill College and Stanford University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in developmental (child) psychology, and bachelors in Christian theology.
While at the UN she traveled to many under-developed and developing countries such as South Africa, Guatemala, Burma, rural India to setup grassroots schools, radio stations for women empowerment, and worked on campaigns related to equal gender rights. As a part of a UNESCO assignment through VOICES — a non-profit organization focused on empowering under-privileged, backward, challenged, and low-income groups with equality and human rights — Shriee developed, designed and implemented a disabilities rights program in India, which was responsible for training the challenged mass of the society and passing the equal employment rights bill in India for inclusion of the disabled in corporate and government working sectors of India. Shriee helped implement a weekly radio program for the rural women of India and worked with the government of India to allocate an exclusive radio station to discuss topics of women equality, child rights, equal inclusions in work sectors, etc. She has filmed many socially relevant documentaries focusing on ‘respect for life’ as the basis of all her documentaries which were showcased at international documentary film festivals of India, Dubai, and Scotland. She worked at leading newspaper agencies which voiced equality and human rights subjects as their primary focus.
For the last 10 years, Shriee has dedicated herself to the Montessori education — something her grandmother started when she had the privilege and honor of being trained by Dr. Maria Montessori in Chennai, India in 1939 — Shriee is now, the Co-Founder and CEO of Orion Montessori School in San Jose that is an AMI based Montessori school which focuses on empowering tomorrow’s leaders with plans to expand internationally by setting up an exclusive ‘Erdkinder’ (farm school) model ranging in Montessori education for ages 6 weeks to 18 years of age.

BiancaBianca Lara Amann began her career in banking and business administration while attending Mira Costa College studying pre-law. While managing the business office and staff of an organic bakery with national distribution, she supported her stepfather’s introduction into local politics by running his first successful campaign. With the birth of her eldest son and upon finding a pioneering Waldorf school in her area, she promptly got involved as part of the leadership team and obtained a three year training for Waldorf Administration and collaborative leadership from Sunbridge College. She went on to serve in nearly every position available in a Waldorf School from bookkeeper to handwork teacher but found her “home” in the early childhood classrooms. Seeing the lack of Steiner based care for the very young child, she founded San Diego County’s only dually accredited LifeWays daycare / Waldorf early childhood center for young children in 2007 while completing the LifeWays early childhood training at Rudolf Steiner College.
Bianca is currently on sabbatical from A Child’s Garden of Thyme which has given her the time to dedicate her various talents, leadership experience and energy to the various political and non-profit organizations she supports. She is an adjunct faculty member of the Waldorf Institute of Southern California – San Diego, a board member of the Association of Waldorf Music Educators, a core member of the San Diego Biodynamic Farm, and an advisory council member for the International Academy of Jazz San Diego. Bianca is equally passionate about early childhood education, servant leadership, politics, medical freedom, parental rights, and Waldorf School governance. While not working with young children, administrating, teaching adults, facilitating workshops, or volunteering she plays jazz music professionally with the Gypsy Groove, a hot jazz band in Southern California.