2023 AB 659 (Aguiar-Curry): College HPV Vaccine Mandate

Bill Description: AB 659 has two parts:(https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202320240AB659)
1) A requirement that all 6th graders and their parents receive a notice stating that it is public policy to get vaccinated with the HPV vaccine and that all students are expected to receive the vaccine by 8th grade and that all students enrolling into public higher educational establishments in CA.
Concern: If the notice is being given directly to students, it will most likely include that they can get the HPV vaccine without parental consent (current law) and it will not mention that while the HPV vaccine is expected by 8th grade, it is not a requirement.  AVFCA has requested that the notification should include a statement that this is not a requirement to continue to attend school.
AVFCA Recommended Position: Strongly Opposed


2) Expands the insurance coverage requirements for an annual cervical cancer screening test and to provide coverage for the HPV vaccine.
AVFCA Recommended Position: Neutral
Ask of Legislators: To request Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry to amend the bill to remove the state policy of HPV vaccine expecatation and if this is not possible then to change “expected” to “recommended” or “encouraged”.
Current Status: Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee and will then move to the full Assembly for a vote in early May.

Take Action on AB 659 TODAY!


your Senator and the Senate Health Committee

Send Email


with your local State Senator, in person, at their local district office



other parents and other concerned citizens!



a letter of opposition to the Legislative Portal or add your organization to the AVFCA opposition letter


Further Information

1) Email your Assembly Member using AVFCA’s easy to use online portal. 

Go to https://secure.everyaction.com/uW61Kz70rUClLuKeAQAFOQ2 and send an email legislators to request Asm Aguiar-Curry to remove the HPV vaccine expectation or amend the language to be less confusing and coercive.  Please personalize the body of this email, as otherwise legislators think it is a bot that sent the email and ignore it. Use the resources above to create your talking points. Note: the AVFCA portal does not send you what you wrote, so before you click submit, you may want to copy it to a personal document it so you have it for future reference.


2) Make an appointment TODAY to meet with your CA Senator and their staff to ask them to request AB 659 be amended to remove the School HPV Vaccine Mandate

3) Talk to Parents and Concerned Citizens to educate them about AB 659

One of the key ways “Bad Bills” were killed in 2022 was to have a diverse group of organizations from outside the Medical Freedom movement oppose the bills.  This needs to happen with AB 659.
Reach out and meet leaders of other organizations, parents and concerned citizens to understand the ramifications of the bill on their school students, College/University students, etc.

4) Submit a letter of opposition to the Legislative Portal, as an individual and on behalf of any organization you represent, and encourage other organizations to do the same:

– Write a brief letter in your own words asking the Assembly Health Committee to OPPOSE AB 659 to remove the HPV Vaccine Expectation.  This does not need to be more than a few sentences stating “I oppose AB 659 bill because ….”.  Make sure your letter is polite, to the point, and sounds convincing.  Remember you are trying to sway the legislators to vote the way you want them to, not alienate them.  If you can write on behalf of an organization or company, be sure to put your letter on a letterhead and sign it, so that it gets recognized.
– Create an account or sign in at https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/
– Click “Submit a letter” and enter the bill number (AB 659), and follow the instructions to upload your letter to Assembly Health Committee.