This is a place for you to share your Vaccine Injury Story, so that the world is able to #HearUs better. Tell us what happened to your family.

  • ashley

    My son’s name is Karsen and he is now 2 years old. He was up to date on all his
    vaccines and just had the “normal” reactions fever, fussiness, always
    got sick after vaccines. At that time i thought nothing of it other than i felt
    we lived in the dr Office nothing major no hospitalization or anything like
    that thank god. So July of 2014 he got 6-7 vaccines we went home over the next
    few days he ran a mild low grade fever of like 99.? i did not have to give him
    any OTC meds he acted a little tired but he normally did after shots. He acted
    fine other than those symptoms. a few days later i noticed he was getting
    bruises in various places his legs, arms, back, butt, sides of ribs, to be
    honest it began to look like someone was beating him, my mom is our babysitter
    so i knew that was not happening.

    So i started to take pictures and they continued to get worse so i took him to
    our pediatricians office and told them about his bruises and ect and the PA was
    more concerned about his mild 99.3 (which increased to 100.3 while we were
    there) Fever then the bruises he said since he just started walking they looked
    normal to him. um yeah maybe on his legs from falling but he was a late walker
    and once he knew he could walk he just did it there was no delay or practice or
    unbalanced walking he just took off and was walking like a pro. So i had to
    demand blood work to be done. I thought since i as anemic that maybe he was too
    and his iron levels were low. So the PA finally agreed to do blood work. My mom
    took him to our local hospital for blood work the next morning and by 7:30pm
    that day we got a very disturbing call from the Dr Office saying our son’s
    platelet levels were dangerously low and we needed to get him to the ER right

    So new parents that we are and our son is our world started freaking out we had
    no idea what platelets were or their purpose but we did as the said and took
    him to the ER. They took him right back to be seen and tested him again (CBC)
    and did a couple other test and his levels were still low 26K. So the ER dr got
    on the phone with Children’s hospital in Washington DC and made is an apt with
    them for the next morning at 10:00am and said our son had ITP and they would be
    able to explain more about it. We took him to children’s hospital the next
    morning like directed and they did blood work again and we meet his Hematology
    dr for the first time.

    She explained everything to us and asked us lots of questions.

    Since July of 2014 we have taken him for blood work every week, then every two
    weeks, then every three weeks and now once a month unless he bruises again in
    weird unexplained places. December of 2014 his levels went up to the highest of
    537K the dr at children’s hospital told us that his ITP was in remission i
    guess you could say and that it was very rare his levels would ever drop to low
    numbers again and for us to just monitor him for signs of ITP again. The end of
    Feb my son got a virus all symptoms was mild, a weird mild compared to previous
    childhood illness (colds and Viruses) well once again he started bruising
    everywhere again in weird places again it looked like my son was getting beat.
    (i have every single picture to share if need to) so i contacted our dr and we
    did blood work and sure enough levels down to 61K what a slap in the face. so
    we now believe that his levels will drop drastically every time he gets a cold
    or virus and i don’t think our fight with ITP is over or every will be over.
    July 2015 will be one year my son had been diagnosed and has been fighting ITP.
    He now again has to do blood work once a month unless he gets peppered with
    bruises between that time.

    His levels have not been below 10K to receive any treatment and since the
    treatments are just as toxic and bad as the vaccines i do not plan to start any
    treatment. All those steroid are just temporary fixes and has side effects of
    their own and i do not wish to put my now 2 year old thru any of that.

    Since i have stopped all vaccines he has been the healthiest. Over the winter
    he had two viruses and one cold all lasting a couple days and not as severe as
    previous colds and viruses. I didn’t even have to give him any fever reducers
    which would have been treated with homeopathy anyway. So other than the ITP he
    is a healthy 2 year old. He is meeting all his milestones and is smart as a

  • Fawn E Caldwell

    When I was a young mother (back in 1978) my son was around 6 months old when I took him in for his wellness check-up and, of course, that included a vaccination. My mother, who is an RN, was with us at the time, and when my son was given the injection he immediately went into anaphylactic shock. He nearly died! All I was told was by the Dr was to never vaccinate him again. I was not told where I could go to file a law suit (this was in 1978) or whom to contact regarding this near-death injury. No apologies, no warning of what was to come next. Nothing! My son then suffered terribly afterward with headaches, dizziness, stomach aches, inability to sleep, cried incessantly; there was just no way to soothe/comfort him or make him feel better/take away the pain. Months went by and he slowly started to feel better. He then started showing signs of a learning disability. Later more and more signs appeared. He had an under-developed bladder due to the vaccine injury and wet the bed until the age of 9. He was Dyslexic, could not tie his shoes or any knots for that matter, was unable to fold his arms over the other when extended and so much more. He developed muscle atrophy around age 10 and all the specialists would say is he would be in a wheelchair by the time he was 30, if he lived. I was devastated, with this new diagnosis, again ALL attributed to the ONE vaccine! The specialists suggested physical therapy 5 times a week. This helped to slow the atrophy but did not stop it. Since he was unable to do many things we needed a type-writer (later a computer) as he was not able to write well. Velcro for shoes and snaps for clothes. I am happy to say he is now 38, though very thin with little muscle and does quite well despite the damage that was done to him by the lies of, ”vaccines are ”perfectly” safe”! As not one Dr ever told me of the risks of what ONE vaccine can do!

    My story doesn’t end there as I was injured not once but twice by the tetanus (tDap) vaccine while in the E.R. on separate occasions. I was never informed of them giving me this vaccine either. On both occasions the E.R. nurse just walked up and injected me saying, ”there, now you are safe”! Unfortunately, I was not ”safe” as I suffered terribly soon thereafter with dizziness so severe I had to be hospitalized. Then more health issues began and soon my thyroid was attacked. Surgery removed half. Many years later another injection by an E.R. nurse without my knowledge lead to where I am today with an the other half of my thyroid removed, an auto-immune illness, an inability to detox which led to a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and a significant amount of food/drug allergies. Dr’s are baffled at how I am able to even be alive with so many food and drug allergies. I am also unable to work, lost my health and my marriage and so much more. And one more vaccine will be the death of me, literally! But, in the end, the truth will come out!

  • star stevens

    5 years ago, my super healthy 16 yr old was transitioning from homeschool into a public school. (We had not vaccinated him since 2003.) In a moment of weakness, we chose to go ahead with his immunization that he was behind on. (He was fully vaxxed until ’03.) We live in Texas, and found out later (unfortunately) how SUPER simple it is to opt out of “required vaccines” even in high school & college.

    On July 13, 2011, he received the Varicella, MCV4, and the Tdap vaccines. He was starting football “2-a-days practice” in August so in preparation, he was in phenomenal shape, health-wise.
    Two days after his shots, his upper left arm was swollen as if a tennis ball was cut in half & placed underneath his skin. Within a two week span began to having strange symptoms. We went directly to our family doctor (a dear friend) who sent us to a specialist. This neurologist’s diagnosis was, “There is nothing wrong with him; but I can recommend a psychiatrist.” His symptoms only got worse with time. These were his symptoms: pupil dilation irregularity, delayed motor skills (such as catching a ball), numbness in hands & legs, exhaustion, no appetite, extreme migraines, Slurred speech. Extreme confusion. “Foggy” brain, weight loss, light headedness, severe acne breakout, nausea, difficulty swallowing.
    My husband started to research it on his own. We did a 3 day detox from the health store but saw no improvement. From our research, the most authentic procedure as to properly diagnose his condition was a spinal tap test, he seemed to have symptoms of the Guillain-Barre syndrome. We chose not to inflict him with a potentially painful test, hoping his body would heal on its own.
    He never regained his full strength, but he could at least somewhat function from day to day.
    We now know through extensive testing through a Homeopathic (holistic) doctor these last few years, just how sick he actually was. He still has extreme fatigue, memory loss, and is overly sensitive to heat.
    He has been clinically diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, leaky gut, adrenal failure & fatigue. However, through an extremely clean diet, holistic hormone therapy, years of high quality EXPENSIVE vitamin/supplementation consumption, (and a WHOLE lot of prayer), we are seeing improvements in his health. However, he will never get the chance to fulfill his dream of playing college baseball.

    • Thank you Star for sharing your story. Unfortunately, this is happens too often. Please share your story on which is where we are trying to get as many stories as possible.

    • Cinamin Mish

      That’s terrible and frightening. I’m glad to hear that there are some improvements. My daughter had just about every symptom described with the swelling the hardness the discolorization in the upper arm as well. Our son was completely healthy and at age 6 months received a series of vaccinations and eight months later was diagnosed with aspurgers.

  • Leigh Ann Duncan

    My daughter is special needs. She is 15 years old and has epilepsy, autism and a form of cerebral palsy. She was born on December 11, 2001 a normal healthy little girl weighing 6lbs half an ounce. She was my easiest pregnancy out of the 3. She received the Hep-B vaccine while in the hospital and the next day she was jaundice. That’s when things started to spiral. She received 2 Hep-B vaccines in a little less than a month first on December 13, 2001 and the second on January 11, 2002. After the second shot she started showing signs of an upper respiratory infection. This went on for about 2 weeks then she started getting a little better. Then came time for her 2 month vaccinations. She had just finished taking antibiotics and ended up getting I believe 6 or so vaccines that day. After that she started getting sick again. First we were told another URI but she continued getting worse. She was inconsolable, screaming at the top of her lungs and arching her back. All this time we had taken her to the pediatrician and ER numerous times and they kept telling me it was a URI or just a nasty virus. Finally the first time she almost died, she was admitted to the hospital and they ran numerous tests and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She was transferred to the children’s hospital in Knoxville to the PICU and after almost 2 months they gave her a diagnosis of HLH but told us they were not positive that was it but treated her for it. She ended up with seizures through all of this and had a bone marrow transplant when she was 9 months old. She has already been through a 2 part brain surgery about 3 years ago and we are getting ready to go through another one in a month. I truly believe with all my heart all of this has been because of vaccines. I have her medical records from birth to 2 years old that pretty much proves it. I just wanted to tell you Kelseys story and hope and pray that it helps another parent and child from having to go through what we have and are still dealing with. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Jennings

    My two daughters and son got this vaccine. I am just starting the process of proving their ailments are from this vaccine. One suffers from anaphlactic shock, one suffers with severe anxiety and fainting, one is also suffering now from celiac disease. Im thankful there are sites I can go to which lead me to ways I can find out for sure if this is indeed the cause. They were all very healthy until they got this shot and now we can’t stay out of the hospital long enough to make ends meet. It’s disgusting it is still being administered as I know it will only cause more suffering for our kids and their families.

  • Gbunch

    Four years we waited for a child. Multiple medical interventions and procedures for that Blessed Event. A prophecy, “He will be your joy and delight and many will rejoice at his birth,” from Luke. Dreams and premonitions. Finally an adoption worker called, we discerned and welcomed this child into our family who had been through so much in his short 5 weeks on Earth. He was perfect.
    Hitting milestones we were told he might not hit. Rolling over and pushing himself up at 6 weeks. Gaining in strength and skill. The Neurologist said he was flabbergasted and we rejoiced. Then he was given his 6 month vaccines and the screaming began. The head-slamming into concrete and every surface that belied our attempts to keep him from continuing this vengeance. He became a constant fixture in a sling worn around my body as any attempt to put him down elicited more screaming, more slamming.
    He was joined by two more Littles who were in need of a home immediately. I knew they were coming and when I was told they were out there, waiting, I was already painting their room with our beloved son in a sack around my body. In 6 months, we had 3 babies.
    He was speaking. His first word was “Titty Tat” for the stray cat we also pseudo adopted. Then he increased his words to nearly 20, some said only once. His first birthday came, more shots-the MMR was also given at this time—so early. The words were gone. He was unable to crawl, walk or even figure out how to make his body sit in a little chair as there was no motor-planning ability. The therapies began for PT and OT. He was still screaming, banging, clinging to my body and sleeping in our bed for safety as even wrapping sleeping bags around his crib could not stop the slamming. We were teaching him to sign after we were contacted by the medical team present at his birth of a hearing loss, moderate. He could imitate a few signs.
    At 15 months, more shots and then… he was gone. No more signs, no more eye contact, no more words, just blank… screaming and still clinging to my body most of every day with two more Littles–circling.
    We began interventions, 15 appts a week. Tissue analysis at two years showed that he was full of aluminum and the only explanation that they gave was that he needed to stop drinking out of soda cans. What?? Finally, he walked, at 18 months– after 6 months of daily therapy.
    Thirty hours a week we ran therapies after school programs. Then, a new school and many new fights. We brought home another little boy who was meant to be. All total, we now had 4 children with special needs, unbeknownst to us at the time of their adoptions.
    Today, so many bio-medical and therapeutic interventions later, winning due process and 1-1 educational placement, 13 years of home programs, 20 years of homeschooling the others and massive interventions for them as well. Our son is now 23, functionally two years old, non-verbal, diapered, and at 15 years was also diagnosed with Bipolar…but he can magically hear. He is still sleeping with us for his safety. He is our Joy and Delight only as long as all the pharmaceuticals we now have to put into him are present, as when they are not, he is violent, aggressive and self-injurious. Yet, he is the Love of our Life.
    Pharma Giveth, Pharma Taketh Away and then Pharma Giveth Again…

  • Cinamin Mish

    My son was diagnosed with mild aspurgers. All of his symptoms that were mostly sensory issues develop shortly after his six months immunizations. Also my 19-year-old when she was five had a booster and I think it was for measles mumps and rubella. She to this day has a huge discoloration on her upper arm. It took a year for the swelling to go down but the discolorization looks like a bruise and people ask her all the time what happened to your arm. I live in California and I’ve even considered moving out of California to try to avoid these mandatory immunizations for kids going into school.